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The use of AI tools not only drastically reduces process times, but also sustainably increases efficiency. For several years, we in the M+M Group have already been enthusiastically pushing the trend topic of artificial intelligence and the associated automations. Together with our IT subsidiary apollon, we are continuously developing our AI-based services. Depending on the services and requirements, these already function fully automated, but a combination with manual optimization and checking processes is also possible.

Maximum quality is ensured with manual quality checks to which the images are subjected and adjusted if necessary.

Clothing manufacturers often also require views for the online stores that only show the garment. These views show the clothing in such a way that customers get an overall impression of the merchandise and can also see the back.

For the creation of these so-called back mirrors, two photos are needed, which are then put together accordingly in the image processing. In one photo, the garment is photographed as it is presented in the online store, e.g. on a bust. For the second photo, the inside of the garment is photographed. The inner view is then superimposed on the first photo and adjusted so that it results in a uniform image.

Since no two garments look alike, this step had to be done manually for each garment up to now.

With the help of the AI service “AI Image”, precisely this described work step is automated on an AI basis. Just like a human, the AI needs two templates, which are then assembled into a final product. The biggest challenge for an AI is to ensure that the proportions of the back mirror actually correspond to reality after assembl



Our AI services are not only used and offered stand-alone. Above all, they are integrated into holistic processes. In this way, we avoid isolated solutions and enable linking to many other services. For example, images can be cropped, provided with back mirrors and tagged in an integrated process – fully automated in the shortest possible time!

Key benefits of using AI:

  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Dramatically increase cost effectiveness
  • Parallelization of processes

Learn more about this innovation topic in our next M+M TrendFlash on February 11, 2021 at 5:00 pm. Inform here!


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