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On Wednesday, May 15, 2024, Christian Weber, Content Consultant and Co-Founder of elyum, presented the ways in which generative AI can enable the seamless change of faces as part of the “TrendFlash” event series.

FaceFusion’s advanced technology opens up surprising new possibilities in photo production. This talk provided a deep insight into the transformative power of generative artificial intelligence, which is evolving every day. Christian Weber did not only cover the technical aspects, but also discussed the practical applications and the potential impact on the industry.

A central focus of his presentation was on how FaceFusion can help to make photo productions more cost-effective and efficient. By optimizing the time-consuming and resource-intensive processes of traditional photo editing through automated generative AI, new horizons for creativity and productivity in the industry are opening up.

Christian Weber did not only explain the latest technological developments, but also provided inspiring insights into the future of photography and image editing.


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