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M+M trend session “New possibilities in visualisation through 3D and AI – With innovation to the perfect customer experience!”

Together with our cooperation partner Gieske Studios, we welcomed our guests to the M+M trend session ‘New possibilities in visualisation through 3D and AI’. The event was characterised by inspiring keynotes and interactive experiences that opened up new perspectives in the technology landscape.

Moritz Hainmüller from Winterhalter Gastronom opened the session with an impressive presentation on how 3D visualisations and an innovative product configurator can revolutionise the sales process and the launch of new machines. Jürgen Maier from Liebherr-Hausgeräte then gave an impressive demonstration of how efficiency can be maximised in 3D product visualisation. Alexandra Rode from Gieske Studios and Marco Jakubowski from Meyle+Müller used strategic concepts to show how to create unique brand experiences that make a lasting impression on customers. Christian Weber and Moritz Müller from Meyle+Müller offered fascinating insights into the future of AI-based 3D visualisation and its ground-breaking applications. Finally, Alexandra Rode and Andreas Aust from Gieske Studios illustrated the transformative power of the symbiosis between humans and AI, which takes interactive experiences to a new level.

At the accompanying live stations, participants had the opportunity to experience interactive cases:

A particular highlight was the Interactive Experience with Studio Gieske, which enables innovative and immersive customer experiences at the POS, at trade fairs, in the showroom and at events. Guests were also able to try out the Apple Vision Pro and immerse themselves in the world of revolutionary augmented reality. ‘Next Level 3D through the integration of AI’ impressively demonstrated how the future of 3D technology can be raised to a new level through artificial intelligence. Another live station illustrated how LoRa training can be used to create replicable, photorealistic representations of people in 3D scenes.

We would like to thank all participants of the M+M Trendsession!


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