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The M+M TrendFlash in February with the topic: Media Production 2.0 – Increasing Efficiency through Technology-Driven Processes.

Manuel Stahl (Head of Processes and Automation at Meyle+Müller) and Tina Kratochwill (Media Engineer at Meyle+Müller) provided insights into technology-driven processes on Thursday, February 11, 2021.

Dive with us into an innovative reality and experience how established processes are reinvented and completely new possibilities arise!

We live in a time when data is a valuable commodity. And we’re not just talking about images or texts, but also data that is collected from us – as customers. Which products do I look at? Which ones do I put in the shopping cart?

Such data makes it possible to personalize advertising. And not only on the web: Instead of creating extensive catalogs that are published annually, you want to reach the customer with exactly the right, coordinated product selection at the right time.
Growing complexity creates the need for intelligent, modern workflows and highly automated processes to cope with higher production volumes in less time. The keyword here is artificial intelligence. We would like to present a scenario of a coherent production workflow with AI tools that are not only used fully automated but can also be supported manually if required.

The following topics were presented in the 45-minute TrendFlash:

  • What does an intelligent, lean production process look like?
  • How can AI tools be used?
  • Which AI tools are available?


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