Together with long-time partner and friend of the company Rene Otto and his consulting firm Trust in Dialog GmbH from Hamburg, Meyle+Müller developed intelligently designed print mailings for the running shoe manufacturer Joe Nimble from Baden-Württemberg that went down really well with customers – with reproducibly very high response rates and a strong sales uplift in the individual customer segments.

The distribution of roles in the project:

  • Joe Nimble, Trust in Dialog and M+M: Development of campaign strategy.
  • Trust in Dialog: Overall concept, analysis and selection of customer data
  • M+M: Provision of product data, conception and production of mailings
  • Joe Nimble, Trust in Dialog and M+M: Success measurement and optimization

Joe Nimble
c/o BÄR GmbH

Client of Meyle+Müller

for more than 15 years

Our History

Joe Nimble and M+M have been business partners in content creation and media production for online and print for many years. Sebastian Bär, 2nd generation founder and CEO of the well-known Bär GmbH has launched Joe Nimble as a premium shoe brand for ambitious runners.

Rene Otto and M+M have long shared a close partnership and a passion for innovation in marketing communications. In his consulting company Trust in Dialog, the eCommerce and direct marketing professional supports other retailers in digitizing their processes and implementing more and more data-driven and, where it makes sense, fully automated customer communication – as he has successfully demonstrated for many years in his own eCommerce companies (ROCKnSHOP GmbH (merchandise stores) and ePlaces Trading GmbH (marketplace retailers).

The idea for the joint project of the three companies came to Sebastian Bär and Rene Otto at the 111th anniversary event of Meyle+Müller in Pforzheim, at which the two were on stage together as speakers and exchanged ideas intensively again after a long time with only loose contact.

Our Success Factors

The recipe for success of the joint project is banal and ingenious: take carefully segmented customer data from the Joe Nimble database and the system-supported evaluation of ordering behavior using the customa Bi and CRM software from trust in dialog, combine it with well-maintained product data from the Meyle+Müller Online Media Net solution used at Bär and Joe Nimble, and generate effective print mailings based on the familiar rules of direct marketing. Of course, this also works “1:1” in print and online – each customer is offered “his” individually matched products.

A key success factor here is that the impulse to activate customers with a simple advertising medium is sufficient, which in combination with a high response and low production costs leads to an excellent operating result.

For the analysis and segmentation of customer data, Rene Otto has developed the Customa software as a SAAS solution that can be quickly and easily connected to and used in a store or ERP. Customa also offers performance measurement across all advertising channels as well as KPI analyses in any level of detail.

Online Media Net acts as a central content platform, providing powerful workflow automation for collaboration and playout in addition to PIM and DAM modules.


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