Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG is an industry leader, not only characterized by size, but also inspires with the most innovative technologies and methods as well as sustainable management.

These strengths and unique selling points have recently been made visible through a completely revamped website. Among other things, Fritz Winter has created a completely new website. In addition to web design, a website lives through effective visualizations, which is why the creation of new product presentations was tackled.


Fritz Winter Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG

Customer of Meyle+Müller

since 2014

Customer Needs:
  • High-quality product presentations
  • Images and animations
  • 3D renderings


As a long-standing partner of Fritz Winter in 3D visualization, we were also able to stage Fritz Winter’s products for the new website.

The visualization is based on Fritz Winter’s design data. After processing this data, special attention is paid to the surface structure of the products. Due to the iron casting process, the products have a special surface, which must be worked out with attention to detail.

For some products – such as brake discs – we have also generated cropped views to show and visualize the product in more detail.

We have also created animations for the special visualization of important products. The advantages of this are that they generate more attention and emotion in the viewer and thus bring the product even more into focus:

With Meyle+Müller, we always have the right partner to showcase our products visually.

Sebastian HahnHead of Corporate Marketing of Fritz Winter Eisengießerei