The Betty Barclay Group is already working very actively and consistently on the digitization of its business processes. In the area of product development, the advantages of 3D content creation are already being used very efficiently. The design and development processes can be significantly accelerated, prototypes can be reduced and it is possible to react more flexibly to current trends. Creating visual content from 3D product development data is the next logical step towards digital end-to-end processes.


Betty Barclay Group

Client of Meyle+Müller

since 2023


This is where the FashionShooter from M+M comes in: With just a few clicks, the Betty Barclay Group will be able to transform product ideas into appealing visual content in the future. In the first step, these visualizations will be used to support internal decision-making processes. In the next step, these results could also be used for marketing.

The starting point for efficient 3D content creation is perfect data from product development – this concerns the geometry of the products as 3D data as well as optimal digital materials. The Betty Barclay Group is already very well positioned here thanks to its many years of experience. We will analyze whether the material generation should still be optimized in the further course of the project – but the results so far show little need for optimization here.

M+M’s FashionShooter is designed in such a way that the 3D data from the upstream tool – the Betty Barclay Group uses CLO here – can be easily imported and then visualized in the browser application developed by M+M itself with just a few clicks.

We decided to show the new products on real models instead of virtual avatars. The reasons: Avatars are currently still expensive and the quality is not quite at the level of photorealism – especially in terms of expression, attitude and emotion. This will almost certainly change in the near future, then we will switch to virtual avatars – the FashionShooter can of course do both!

For the visualization on the model, we photographed a model in numerous poses in the studio and also digitized it via body scan. The 3D scan of the model is now used for the simulation and rendering of the products as a 3D avatar in CLO and in FashionShooter. The generated renderings are then mapped onto the model photos in a fully automated process. The result: Emotional and photorealistic 3D visualization without a real product with unlimited scaling possibilities!

Here you can see the final results of content creation using an avatar and the Fashion Shooter:

We at the Betty Barclay Group consider the digitalization of our processes to be essential and we are convinced that this will bring us numerous advantages in the future! With Meyle+Müller, we are now taking the next important step in the development and visualization of our 3D content, which will make our processes in this area even more efficient and faster!

Thorsten ZollOrganization Betty Barclay Group

In addition to this groundbreaking project, we were allowed to show in cooperation with the Betty Barclay Group for our event with the Marketingclub Stuttgart-Heilbronn and the Marketingclub Technologieregion Karlsruhe how the way to digital content creation looks like: In addition to the 3D visualization by FashionShooter, we also visualized the products in our studio – both in an ecom set for the webshop images and in our Virtual Studio for the emotional staging in location.

In the following results you can see on the top right the original set-up in the photo studio in front of the green screen, on the bottom right we show you the photographer’s perspective during the shoot and on the left you can see the final result we implemented from the produced raw data for our client Betty Barclay Group.

Behind the Scenes Insights: