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Smart City Days
„Pforzheim. Together. Smart.“

In 2021, Meyle+Müller and the corporate group member campaigners Network again actively accompanied and supported the Smart City Days in Pforzheim. The series opened with a well-attended Digital Breakfast, at which Meyle+Müller COO Moritz Müller gave an exciting talk to around 40 participants on how companies can reach their customers even better in the future through modern and digitally supported marketing. Meyle+Müller develops customized concepts for holistic marketing and product communication for its customers. Moritz Müller gave a keynote speech at the start of the Smart City Days, which this year were held under the motto “Pforzheim. Together. Smart.”, Moritz Müller provided insights into methods and digital tools that enable forward-looking marketing concepts at the Pforzheim-based Meyle+Müller Group. Müller placed a focus on the customer needs that are relevant to online shopping and on digital tools that are already of great importance in online marketing today, with corresponding illustrative examples.

The aftermovie of this year’s Smart City Days can be found here:

Meyle+Müller also supported the hackathon on the topic of “Retail 4.0” as part of the Smart City Days as a sponsor alongside the corporate group member campaigners Network, as did the software developer apollon. Meyle+Müller made the first impact on the hackathon:
Jonas Schilling, Lead Innovator at Meyle+Müller, outlined which developments classic business models could follow in the future and which opportunities stationary retail in particular could have. The innovation expert placed particular focus on the customer/retailer relationship. He thus kicked off the two-day “Hackathon” think tank, in which around 60 creative minds pondered new concepts, designs, codes and solutions – this time around topics such as new payment methods, shared economy models, experience shopping, virtual try-ons and much more.


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