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M+M-Trendsession INNOVATION@CGI – the next 3D big bang is already here!

At our M+M trend session INNOVATION@CGI – the next 3D big bang is already here! our guests were able to discover the fascinating world of 3D and CGI. Our experts took a practical look at the opportunities that can be opened up in marketing today and the innovations that are currently being developed.

Moritz Müller, COO at Meyle+Müller, used numerous successful use cases to introduce the topic and outline the incredible opportunities that 3D processes already offer today. The potential of 3D visualisation was visually demonstrated:

  • Efficient visualisation of all product variants and combinations
  • Creation of all required content formats on the basis of the digital twin
  • Enhanced product experience through interactive applications and animations
  • Emotional shopping experiences in virtual showrooms
  • Independence from supply chain problems

In his keynote speech, Christoph Berndt used the example of OMNIVERSETM to show that the new file formats USD and MDL as well as artificial intelligence will offer completely new possibilities in the CGI industry in the very near future. 3D productions can be realised much more efficiently, flexibly and quickly.

Building on this, our partner Uwe Rechkemmer, Senior Sales Specialist OmniverseTM & vGPU at NVIDIA®, gave a lively presentation to the guests on how the successful and innovative 3D platform OMNIVERSETM revolutionises CGI processes through collaborative approaches and open data standards and creates the basis for the successful Industrial Metaverse. 3D visualisations are only one aspect of this powerful tool.

Finally, the keynote “DURAVIT: data-driven 3D content processes for more extensive and optimised product placement” was about a concrete and exclusive insight into how marketing can successfully address further target groups in a targeted manner through innovative and data-driven 3D content processes.

A special highlight of our M+M trend session were the live stations where participants were able to experience the topics listed in the keynotes up close: content creation for Duravit, NVIDIA Omniverse™ using a case for the furniture industry, AI tools and Unreal, interactive machine visualisation at Winkler & Dünnebier confectionery machines and the fascinating possibilities of 3D scanning by our partner Ramon Spiller from algona.

A lively Q&A session rounded off the content part of our event, before the evening ended with drinks and food.

Thanks again to everyone who was there – we are already looking forward to the next talks!


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