For the successful online and mail order retailer BAUR and the associated BAUR photo studio, good product photos are a must-have. In order to save elaborate outdoor productions and thus not only costs (e.g. travel expenses) but also time and ultimately guarantee production reliability, BAUR turned to Meyle+Müller for new high-quality photos. Together with our partner [zerone] and the photographers, we worked out the various possibilities with Virtual Studio in a live shoot. During this production, the curiosity and enthusiasm of the BAUR team to learn and explore new ways in photography were very inspiring.


BAUR Versand GmbH & Co KG

Client of  Meyle+Müller

for more than 30 years

Customer Needs
  • Photo production using 3D technology in Virtual Studio
  • Saving of costly outdoor production


With the Virtual Studio we are able to combine real photography with virtual rooms, worlds or landscapes thanks to the latest 3D technology. This enables location photography at the highest level. Photos or moving images of the latest swimwear are created on the beach in Dubai, cool streetwear is shot in the city and sporty jogging ensembles in nature – and all this without travel, without loss of time and at significantly lower cost. Model or product are photographed in the studio in front of a green screen wall, the background added. Visualization is done in real time and different perspectives, ensuring creativity and flexibility.

The final images and also the real-time cropping positively surprised me and my team. It works very well and delivers efficient results. I can imagine that on-location photography can be replaced by Virtual Studio in the future.

Matthias KraußeTeam leader and responsible photographer at BAUR studios