The name Duravit has stood for quality bathroom ceramics and furniture for 200 years now. The leading international manufacturer of designer bathrooms approached us because it needed various representative images of a fitting with sensor control in public (e.g. airport) and semi-public (e.g. hotel) environments in a timely manner. The respective ambience including equipment and decoration should be tailored to these rooms. In addition, the customer ordered images that clarify the sensor function and bring it into focus.


Duravit AG

Client of Meyle+Müller

since 2015

Customer Needs
  • Visual presentation of a new sensor fitting (product images, milieu images, perspectives)
  • Special motifs to illustrate the sensor function


Thanks to the latest CGI technology, a shoot is no longer necessary; a “real” location is no longer needed. This of course saves time and money. The views of the restroom facilities are created step by step on the computer in our 3D/CGI area – at the beginning there is the image concept, which is further developed in consultation with the customer until the final image motif is created. While we designed the public areas to be modern but also clean and functional at Duravit’s request, the semi-public rooms are more elegant and are complemented with thoughtfully placed details or accessories. The advantage of 3D visualization is greater flexibility: changes can be made easily, multiple variants, angles and even functional motifs can be created.

The product can be experienced digitally with the images, and the time-to-market is considerably shortened. Representative photos for websites and sales literature are available much faster than before – with much less effort.

Here are some impressions:
From the rough draft to the final image (from left to right)

For the launch of our sensor fitting, we needed representative images at short notice that would perfectly stage the product. We knew from experience that Meyle+Müller was the right partner for us. As expected, the result was excellent, our wishes and ideas were implemented to the letter.

Duravit AG