Carlsberg Germany set our group member packaging and POS experts brandport a creative task: The well-known ASTRA “Rakete” can – normally available in 330 ml and 1 l sizes – was to appear in the new 568 ml format. A promotional offer and only available for a short time. In addition, the matching can tray – the cardboard tray for the beverage cans -, a catchy can name and an original call-to-action corresponding to ASTRA were planned.

Brainstorming was the order of the day. In addition to the exact implementation of the 1:1 briefing, the new name and call-to-action also had to perfectly match the product image and inspire the customer.


Carlsberg Deutschland GmbH

Client of Brandport…

Since June 2020

Customer Needs
  • Adaptation of a new 568 ml can (promo offer)
  • New promo call-to-action (“limited”/”only for a short time”)
  • Important: in Astra style, i.e. humorous and possibly provocative
  • New name for the limited edition


The basis for the design of the 568 ml can was the 330, which has the same diameter and first had to be lengthened. The extras were trickier. A number of creative ideas came together: some funny, some cool, others aimed at good humor. This selection was presented by brandport Carlsberg Germany.
The winner in the “Names” category was EXTRA SCHUB, alluding to the propulsion system of a rocket and thus tying in directly with the regular “rocket” can. The name is applied to a wide golden-yellow area in the lower part of the can, which corresponds in height to the additional ml portion. On the one hand, the label is thus reminiscent of the drive, but at the same time acts as a look inside the can and at the delicious mixed beer drink. The claim or call-to-action for this is: “Big differently – for a short time”.
The can tray pulls the name and claim together on a square, golden yellow label, complemented by: PARTY FUEL!

The creative ideas and the implementation of brandport convinced us. And the
most important thing: ASTRA Rakete is perfectly staged in this special edition.

Svenja KühlkeSenior Brand Manager Astra