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Today online shops have the task of inspiring the customer throughout the shopping experience. In addition to modern shop functionality and all the important product information, product images play a central role in this context – after all, these play a decisive role in shaping the visual appearance of the online shop, whether in product overviews, on article information pages or in the shopping cart.


Our recommendation is staging the product effectively and meaningfully in order to influence the purchasing decision as positively as possible during the customer’s journey – often the smallest factor can play a role in this. In our M+M-Trendflash, online shop operators, online and mail-order fashion retailers, fashion and footwear ranges will get the practical tips and suggestions they need for successful product images which we will also explain using best-practice examples.

The following topics, among others, will be dealt with In our 30 minute M+M-Trendflash:

  • What is the influence of colour display in an online shop?
  • How can additional visual information influence purchasing decisions?
  • What role does our brain play when choosing a product?
  • How can images be used across multiple platforms?


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