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When we hear the term artificial intelligence, our thoughts quickly turn to the Terminator film series or similar gloomy visions of the future. That this understanding of AI can easily be dismissed as sci-fi isn’t anything new. However, here at Meyle+Müller our aim is to show you how we can integrate these technological developments into our working world – close up and hands on.

Together we will have a look at Industry 4.0 and outline the research Meyle+Müller is doing in the field of artificial intelligence – and how it can benefit your company.

The following topics will be addressed in the 45 minute M+M-Trendflash:

  • The science behind AI
  • Calculating creativity
  • Product texts from a server
  • AI as the driver in automated image correction


Maximilianstraße 104
75172 Pforzheim

T: +49 7231 941 0