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In our third M+M-Trendflash of 2020, Manuel Stahl, Head of Processes and Automation at Meyle+Müller, discussed the topic of “Process Optimization – Intelligent Correction and Approval Management”.

Marketing communication is becoming faster and more complex. This has an impact on content production – and on the correction and approval processes required.

There is a very real demand for real time communication as well as for intelligent and automated processes and will continue to grow. In our M+M-Trendflash we will show what is feasible and useful today and what will be possible in the future.

We will explore the following questions in the 45-minute M+M-Trendflash:

  • Hardproof vs. Softproof – what role does the process actually play
  • Where are the real areas for improvement and how are they identified?
  • How can correction and approval processes be made faster and more efficient today?
  • Which automated processes can make manual intervention and inspection procedures superfluous?
  • What will happen in the near future and what role will AI play in this?


Maximilianstraße 104
75172 Pforzheim

T: +49 7231 941 0