The Brand

Winterhalter is a renowned company that specializes in the development and manufacture of high-quality warewashing technologies. Founded in 1947, Winterhalter has developed into one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional warewashing systems for restaurants, hotels, communal catering and other sectors.


Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH

Client of Meyle+Müller

since 2018


As part of a product launch for two new dishwashing systems, our long-standing partner Winterhalter approached us to create high-quality visual marketing content for the highly technical products. In order to ensure efficient and sustainable content production, the design data was to be used as the basis for the creation of a wide range of marketing content using CGI, e.g. numerous image motifs for the trade fair and online presence, animations to illustrate product functions and an interactive product sales configurator. The particular challenge was to present the highly complex technical products in a photorealistic, comprehensible and visually convincing way.


High-end CGI visual content with the aim of convincing product and marketing communication for the successful marketing of the new Winterhalter MT series conveyor dishwashers.

  • 3D product visualizations
    High-quality product visualizations of all product functionalities, details and illustrations
  • Vivid product animations
    Sales-promoting product visualizations in moving images and explanatory animations
  • Interactive product sales configurator
    Virtual and intuitive product configurator

The online product configurator can be called up directly in the internal Winterhalter infrastructure via single sign-on access for every sales employee. The sales team can quickly and easily present the product features to the customer and illustrate the important product functions using the integrated animations. To give potential customers an immediate idea, a possible machine configuration can be put together quickly and easily in just a few steps.

The modular structure of the MTR/MTF machine series is available in a playful form with the real configuration logics – the customer immediately gets an idea of the possible solution. The product can be viewed from all sides with a real-time 3D view. The process is rounded off by a PDF data sheet, which can be sent to the customer digitally immediately and summarizes the respective, individual machine configuration with a product-specific generated image and the most important key data such as washing capacity per hour, number of tanks and various dimensions in a clear form.

The online product configurator:

The following animations were realized as part of this project: