Stabilo is known for its high-quality and timeless writing and drawing instruments, which have been internationally renowned for more than 150 years. Today, the traditional brand is regarded as a leader in innovation and quality in the stationery industry.

Customer Needs
  • Versatile and convincing visual content
  • Fast content time-to-market


Our CGI experts at elyum helped Stabilo to visually design their unique stationery products as well as novelties to ensure a consistent brand presence online and in print media.

Through high-quality 3D visualizations and animations, we aesthetically emphasized the key features of Stabilo’s products and created an engaging product experience for the target audience.

The use of 3D for the development of visual content offers multiple benefits and enables efficient use of the rendered product models for various formats such as images, animations and videos. Thanks to this new visual marketing strategy, Stabilo presents its products convincingly to its target group at all online and offline touchpoints.

The elyum customer case and further results of the images and animations created can be found here:

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