The Challenge

Highly customisable goods such as modular furniture, office and practise equipment are very much in demand from Ruck’s customers. A wide range of options and the ability to tailor products precisely to one’s own needs are the driving factors here.

However, the configuration of such modular products on paper, whether in catalogues, or on order forms, or over the telephone with the purchaser’s contact person is often a complicated matter.

This is where the online configurators become relevant, with their help the ordering process can be graphically prepared and realised almost at will.



Customer with

Meyle+Müller for more than 25 years

Customer requirements
  • Enabling the online sale of products requiring consultancy
  • Improving user experience and increasing customer satisfaction
  • Automating the ordering process and making order processing more efficient
  • Boosting ecommerce sales for products requiring consultancy
  • Digitizing processes and positioning the company as a modern, innovative brand

The Solution

Customers of Hellmut Ruck GmbH of Neuenbürg, Germany, have recently been able to configure and purchase products for their practices, such as cabinets, chairs and specialist furniture on the online shop. With around 7000 products, 250 employees and its own school for podology, Ruck is a leading and innovative manufacturer, specialist supplier, trainer and consultant in the fields of podology, foot care, cosmetics and wellness.

The highlight of this configurator solution is that all furniture versions can be rendered and visualized in real time. This enables highly detailed images from all possible angles during configuration. Since Ruck also offers its customers complete room concepts, the products can also be viewed within the selected room concept.

Each time the configuration is changed or upgraded, the current price is displayed via an interface to the ERP system. Orders can be placed directly at the end of the process or alternatively contact can established with a customer advisor. This was made possible by using the latest 3D technology and because of the availability of all the necessary CAD data for the product.

The whole project was realized by the CGI and IT specialists from the M+M Group, Meyle+Müller and apollon.