The Challenge

Sourcing printed materials for larger organisations with multiple locations is a costly undertaking. Lots of people need business cards, product sheets, offer folders or company brochures at different times.

Often these are created, produced, stored by a central marketing department and after receipt of the order assembled and delivered. But often far too much is produced. At some point the stock becomes obsolete and has to be written off. Regional and localized customization is also difficult to realize.

The Hamburg-based Domicil Group also faced this challenge. Domicil looks after around 6,500 elderly people with almost 40 residential care homes located throughout Germany.



Customer with

HanseRepro since 2011

Customer requirements
  • Simplifying the customization, production and distribution of printed material
  • Saving costs regarding storage and overproduction
  • Increasing relevance in print communication
  • Simplifying sourcing and accelerating processes
  • Reducing external costs and internal effort







ordered promotional items

The Solution

The introduction of an intelligent, intuitive web-to-print solution realized by our Hamburg partner, HansaRepro, was able to remedy this situation and today forms the core of the centralized media distribution system at Domicil.

Every location has access to the online portal and can therefore order all the necessary printed material independently and customize it as required. Using a highly automated process, the print orders are directly transferred to HansaRepro’s digital printing systems. As this happens, the delivery orders are generated for the logistics partner.

Last year, over 400,000 items were retrieved by over 70 users – a convenient, efficient and cost-effective solution which also ensures that the corporate image of Domicil is maintained at all times.

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