The Challenge

For 50 years, the family company Betzold from Ellwangen has been THE expert for everything that schools, educational institutions and kindergartens need for teaching, learning and playing. Betzold isn’t only a dealer and a consultant, but also a manufacturer, for example of school furniture. In many cases, these are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. Cupboards are available in different widths, heights and depths. In addition, there are several wood finishes and decorations, types of locks, different compartments, interior fittings, shelving and so on – there are thousands of possible combinations. In order to be able to show its customers all the possibilities a piece of furniture can offer in the online shop as product images an efficient solution had to be found – photography was far too time consuming and therefore not viable, as was manual rendering from CAD data.



Customer with

Meyle+Müller since 2018

Customer requirements
  • Visualizing products in all possible versions
  • Improving the customer experience in the online shop
  • Marketing a new series of furniture
  • Creating the basis for new sales tools (configurators, AR applications)
  • Boosting sales



Products in the complete range


week rendering time


Images rendered

The Solution

With the help of Meyle+Müller’s CGI Studio, we found a way to create product images of all versions – with high-quality resolution and from several perspectives. The core components of the solution are the furniture’s CAD data, a material and surface library developed with Betzold, a jointly modelled configuration database containing all possible combinations, and an automation process developed by Meyle+Müller, which is accessed by a compositing software. After an initialization project lasting several months, more than 40,000 images could be rendered within a period of a few weeks.  A period of time that would neither have been feasible or affordable by conventional means. An added benefit: The project created an optimal starting point for future sales applications in the field of augmented reality or online configurators.

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