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In the current situation a lot of our customers are faced with the challenge of having to photograph their goods without models or shooting on location. To get around this, we have been using a solution called “Overlay Photography”. Pre-existing on-location model photographs (stock or archive material) are cleverly combined with studio photography to create a natural, authentic look. How this works is explained in detail below.

Step 1

Image selection: According to our customer’s briefing, we choose suitable images from their image pool / archive and then discuss which new collection articles are best for showcasing on these images.

Step 2

Photography: the selected articles then go to our photo studios. Depending on the chosen image, we photograph the new articles in the desired pose, either on a mannequin or on a substitute model. The photographer in the studio pays close attention to the perspective and lighting, creating the perfect basis for retouching.

Step 3

Postproduction: Finally, we bring the newly photographed articles together with the original image in postproduction – a relatively simple and quick task for us.

This isn’t only the “best alternative” to shooting on location for our customers, overlay photography can also be very quick and cost-effective.

Many thanks to our partners Hanserepro and adp Photostudios in Hamburg, as well as to our customer “Impressionen“.


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