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Online-Marketing – Next Level

Onsite and online marketing efficiency is falling. At the same time, the need for user-specific addresses in e-commerce is increasing. The solution of our group member ODOSCOPE: session-based first-party data provides the basis for complex and individualized, relevant personalizations and dynamic segmentations at all contact points.

In the process, the user contributes to meaningful and effective profiling with every click and thanks to state-of-the-art AI technology without rigidly predefined rules, in which all available customer and session data comes into play. The advantage: ODOSCOPE builds on historical first-party data and can thus start with the relevant playout from day one: time-consuming and costly learning by the underlying technology is not necessary. Processing takes place promptly and thus produces more efficient and more accurate results.

ODOSCOPE can offer faster and more favorable results in this future market than competitors who rely on conventional onsite marketing tools. ODOSCOPE thus makes a decisive contribution to generating significant uplifts in KPIs. The big advantage for the store provider: even completely unknown users are profiled individually. Real-time results are displayed across all onsite touchpoints.

And in terms of data security, ODOSCOPE relies on a 100% DSGVO-compliant private cloud with complete data storage in Germany.


Maximilianstraße 104
75172 Pforzheim

T: +49 7231 941 0