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“We contribute our many years of experience and professional expertise to constantly improve and expand the AI services together with apollon”. Daniel Windelband

Accelerating and automating processes in marketing and advertising, and thus reducing costs, shortening time-to-market and reaching customers with the best offer at the right time – this has always been the driving force behind Meyle+Müller – even if this means that previous value-added services are no longer required. The topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and the automation associated with it has been playing a decisive role for some time now.

Together with our IT subsidiary apollon, we have developed various AI-based services which, depending on requirements, can be fully automated or combined with manual testing and optimization processes. The service “AI-Mask” for the creation of clearance paths, for example, is already successfully used in our production. Here, all images are first cleared fully automatically by an AI engine, then subjected to a manual quality check and, if necessary, readjusted. On the one hand, this process takes time, but on the other hand, the AI engine is trained further and further, which successively increases the degree of automation.

The “AI-Image” service offers various options for image processing and is as modular as AI-Mask. Retouching processes such as skin optimization, edge smoothing, pulling in back mirrors or even wrinkle retouching for clothing are possible. Important: The more images are available for the AI engines, the more effective the training and optimization process.

The main advantages of using AI:

  • Saving time and costs through automation
  • Parallel processes
  • Accelerate time-to-market

“AI-Layout” is another AI-based service that supports the automated creation of print advertising materials from design to print data – even individualized if required. Manual checking and post-processing can also be integrated here.

“By bundling the know-how in our group and intelligently combining our services, our customers can benefit optimally from the current status of our group-wide R&D activities at any time. What drives us is our common vision: The real-time generation of visual content – fully automated, AI-supported and personalized.” – Peter Schellhorn


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