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Digitization in the fashion industry – this is the subject of a guest article in the Clubnews of the Marketing Club Stuttgart-Heilbronn. Read now what is possible today with innovative CGI technology.

Digitization of the FASHION INDUSTRY

From the beach to the city – at the touch of a button

Revolutionary developments are now shaping all industries, including the process chains of the fashion industry. The fashion world is facing profound changes.

Innovative CGI technology is on the rise in many areas today. The film industry uses it, in the automotive industry it replaces vehicles that have not even been built yet, and in the fashion industry it reaches a new level. The use of state-of-the-art CGI technology is blurring the line between reality and the construction of bits and bytes.

Media companies Meyle+Müller and [zerone] (a member of the Meyle+Müller Group) are proving that the fashion industry in particular has considerable efficiency potential and is opening up completely new opportunities in the fashion sector. Together, the companies are pioneers in the field of fashion marketing and provide insights into a new branch of the marketing and communications world.
Seasonal life cycles in the fashion industry are extremely short. The need for dynamic and flexible tools in the development of new collections and their subsequent marketing, which always starts with a shoot, is correspondingly high.

Meyle+Müller and [zerone] are experienced providers of complex and sophisticated

and sophisticated design of CGI-based imagery. The demands are particularly high in the field of fashion photography. Creating authentic visual worlds in which people and the CGI world harmonize is a particularly high demand.

With their developments and services, Meyle+Müller and [zerone] want to contribute to making fashion companies more flexible and cost-efficient. With the Virtual Studio, individual locations for a photo shoot can be created digitally and optimized according to the wishes of the clientele. The “perfect” set can thus not only be created, but also repeated at any time, e.g. if a new collection piece needs to be photographed. It is clear to industry insiders that there is still a lot of potential in the digitalization of the fashion industry, which will be revolutionary for marketing and production in the fashion industry. The next step: With Fashion CG, it will be possible to completely dispense with photography. Then even diverse fashion content can be created in a holistic and lifelike computer-generated way.


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