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Digitization in the fashion industry is in full swing – the main goals behind it are a shortened time-to-market and cost reductions. These theses were reinforced in our last M+M-TrendFlash.

M+M-TrendFlash Fashion CG – Next Level: Shortened Time-to-Market

To make our past online event a bit more active, we have integrated 5 surveys for the participants. Of course, these are not representative results, but still allow interesting insights. We do not want to withhold these from you and make them accessible without you having to watch the entire recording of our TrendFlash.

At this point, once again a big thank you to all participants for bringing their time and participating in the surveys!

50 %

of the survey participants stated that product development and product design processes are already fully established in their companies or are currently being rolled out! This is in line with our industry experience and shows the high relevance of the topic.

The technical aspects in digitization projects should not be underestimated. But it turns out that the biggest challenges lie in the area of change management:

In order to meet these challenges, it is essential to accompany the introduction of new processes and technologies with comprehensive personnel development measures and a transparent communication strategy.

As a rule, the objectives of digitization are efficiency and shortened processes in the development and design process. As soon as these have been eliminated or at least the achievement of the objectives is foreseeable, other objectives come into focus – especially in the area of marketing content.

71 %

of the survey participants see the greatest benefit here in the early generation of visual content without physical samples. This enables a radical shortening of time-to-market and a parallelization of processes.

Far less relevant, according to our survey results, are benefits that can be created by digital showrooms and interactive product experiences, for example.

My thesis: As the topic matures further, the objectives will continue to develop in the direction of increasing sales through new content formats. I’m curious to see if my thesis will be confirmed in the near future!

If you haven’t seen it yet – you can still find the recording of the TrendFlash here:

Look forward to receiving more info and insights on these topics soon. Our survey participants agreed – we will set the focus accordingly:

Let’s shape the change together and reap the benefits. We look forward to every exchange with you!


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