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Mail order companies have always had a clear interest in reducing the number of returns. In the Fashion branch, the true colour presentation of articles on the web as well as in print plays a key role here.

To enable this, the so-called Digital Textile Sample (Digi-Stoff-Muster DSM) has been used in the pre-media stage for years. The DSM process is a special camera technology that uses spectral filters under standard conditions to generate a colour reference file that is used during image retouching to transfer the colour values realistically to the actual product image. However, this technique has its weaknesses, e.g. in the display of reflective surfaces, tertiary colours, or even three-dimensional surfaces. This can be a constant problem, particularly for customers with very high colour reproduction standards.

In view of this situation, Meyle+Müller, in cooperation with BronKobold, has developed a completely new solution using DSM 2.0 which offers significantly better colour reproduction and at the same time a higher level of productivity when creating images.

The basis for this is the photo station D-Face Capture with LED lighting technology, a Nikon digital camera and our own, M+M developed, calculation tables for the generation of reference files.

With this technology we achieved delta E values below 1.25 for colour card measurements – even for problem colours. In addition, we were able to increase our efficiency in the creation of fabric sample images many times over.

Jonas SchillingLead Innovator


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