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Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are no longer test pilots. In order to drastically shorten process times and sustainably increase efficiency, AI tools are already being used across the board in our image production for clipping and masks.

In the M+M Group, we have been enthusiastically driving the trend topic of artificial intelligence and the associated automations for several years now. Together with our IT subsidiary apollon, we are constantly developing our AI-based services. Depending on the requirements, these services function in a fully automated manner, but can also be combined with manual auditing and optimization processes.

For the creation of clipping paths, the “AI-Mask” service is used, in which all images are clipped fully automatically by an AI engine. To ensure maximum quality, the images are usually subjected to a manual quality check and readjusted if necessary.

The “AI-Image” service is also already being used in production. This service is structured similarly to AI-Mask. Retouching processes such as skin optimization are possible, as are edge smoothing, wrinkle retouching for garments and the insertion of back mirrors. All these steps can now be fully automated.

The general rule for all AI services is: The more images available to the AI engines, the faster and more efficient the optimization and training processes. We are sure that more use cases will soon be transferred from the lab into practice!

Main advantages that the use of AI brings:

  • Accelerate time-to-market
  • Dramatically increase cost effectiveness
  • Parallelization of processes


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