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“Speedtalk mit Peter” at Joe Nimble in Ludwigsburg, guests: Sebastian Bär and Rene Otto

In today’s episode of Speedtalk with Peter, Peter was a guest at Joe Nimble in Ludwigsburg and talked with Sebastian Bär from Joe Nimble and Rene Otto from ROCKnSHOP and Trust in Dialog Services about how to develop intelligently designed print mailings that really go down well with customers and generate repeatable high response rates and a powerful sales uplift. The three recently demonstrated this impressively in a joint project for Joe Nimble.
Sebastian Bär, CEO of the well-known shoe manufacturer Bär GmbH, launched Joe Nimble a few years ago as a premium shoe brand for ambitious runners.
With his consulting company Trust in Dialog, eCommerce and direct marketing professional ReneOtto supports other retailers in digitizing their processes and implementing more and more data-driven customer communication – as he has been successfully demonstrating for many years, for example, in his own eCommerce company ROCKnSHOP GmbH.

We’d love to have you join us again for our next episode of Speedtalk with Peter.

“Speedtalk mit Peter” at brandport… in Hamburg, guest: Rene Otto

In the latest Speedtalk episode, we are guests of Simon Frenz, managing director of our group member brandport…. in Hamburg. Peter Schellhorn talks to the owner and direct marketing professional Rene Otto of trust in dialog services and ROCKnSHOP GmbH about how he realizes fully automated customer approaches through the intelligent networking of product and customer data and thus maximizes the customer lifetime value for his own business as well as for the companies he advises.

In addition, this episode uses practical examples to discuss in detail how online retailers can achieve very high and reproducible response rates and a powerful sales uplift with intelligently designed print mailings.

Tune in and stay tuned for more upcoming episodes of our Speedtalk with Peter format. We look forward to hearing from you!

“Speedtalk mit Peter” at Temel Kahyaoglu´s in Meersburg

In the latest episode of “Speedtalk with Peter”, Peter Schellhorn talks to Temel Kahyaoglu from The Group of Analysts (TGOA) about the benefits of a maturity assessment in consulting projects as well as the challenges companies face in the changed market situation.
The renowned analyst firm TGOA has been monitoring the enterprise software market since 2010 with its unique Market Performance Wheels assessment method.

In addition to the questions of what a PIM system actually is and how it relates to Digital Content Excellence, the question of how the evaluation of PIM systems is implemented to identify one’s own Digital Content Excellence will be answered. In particular, you will learn exciting insights about maturity assessments in consulting. In this context, Temel explains the process of maturity audits and reveals what needs to be considered when conducting them.
In addition, our third episode clarifies the question: What is so special about a maturity audit in consulting?

Tune in and stay tuned for more upcoming episodes of our format Speedtalk with Peter. We look forward to seeing you!

Speedtalk with Peter during a Virtual Studio production

Peter visited our customer BAUR in the BAUR Studios in Weismain during a Virtual Studio production. Besides showing you how the Virtual Studio works, which we developed together with our group member [zerone], we show you exclusive insights into the entire production process including final results.

To be able to show you the advantages of such a production, we conducted exciting interviews with the 3D architect of our partner [zerone] and the team leader of BAUR Studios on site and clarified the following questions:

  • What is special about the Virtual Studio?
  • How exactly does the Virtual Studio work?
  • What are the findings from today’s production?
  • What are the benefits of the Virtual Studio?

Look forward to exclusive insights!

“Speedcouching with Peter” becomes “Speedtalk with Peter”.

Stay tuned – there will be new episodes of our video podcast in the coming weeks. For this purpose, we will also go out of our studio, for example visit a Virtual Studio production at one of our customers, talk to one of the most competent market experts from the PIM environment and take a look at how you can already create impressive image content in real time today. Since we can’t take our couch with us, in the future Speedcouching with Peter will become the new Speedtalk with Peter.

Unser übergreifendes Leitmotiv dabei ist „DIGITAL CONTENT EXCELLENCE“. Content wird mehr und mehr digital, und Digital Content muss immer schneller, flexibler, aufregender, individueller und effizienter produziert werden – für immer mehr Kanäle. Unsere Erfahrung ist, dass die Organisation, die Technik, die Prozesse und auch die Menschen bei unseren Kunden an vielen Stellen dafür nicht optimal aufgestellt sind. Mit unserem Consulting-Knowhow, unseren Leistungen und Lösungen wollen wir einen Beitrag dazu leisten, dass sich das ändert!

In jeder Video-Podcast-Folge gehen wir daher auf einen Teil der Content-Wertschöpfungskette ein, und stellen anhand von Best-Practice-Beispielen vor, wie Digital Content Excellence realisiert werden kann.

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