A major mail order customer is looking for alternatives to on-location photo shoots. Travel is currently not possible – so innovative solutions are needed.

The Challenge

Short seasonal cycles and faster changing trends require ever more efficient and cost-effective processes. In addition, customers’ wishes are currently compounded by the current situation, which is upsetting much that was planned in the near future. A fast time-to-market, highest efficiency and the best results must not be lost sight of.

Right now it is difficult to continue years of experience and habits. Traveling and long flights to popular locations for fashion shoots cannot be done as planned. An innovative solution is needed to photographically stage the new collection despite the circumstances and to distribute it to the marketing channels in time.

One of the world’s largest online retailers in the consumer business, as well as the largest online retailer of fashion and lifestyle for the end consumer in Europe, faced exactly this challenge.


Mail order company

Customer with

Meyle+Müller and [zerone]

Customer requirements
  • Creativity and flexibility
  • Save travel costs
  • Innovative solution adapted to the situation
  • Fast time to market

The Solution

The mail order company had a collection photographed in the Virtual Studio by [zerone] and Meyle+Müller. The logistical effort here is many times less, as the entire collection as well as models and photographers do not have to fly to another country to shoot the latest fashion in the romantic streets of Paris, for example.

With this solution, photorealistic image worlds are created in the studio by combining virtual worlds and studio model shoots. Highest creativity and flexibility is given – without any travel and with significantly less personal contacts!

In advance, the location is defined in a creative process together with the customer and virtually designed in 3D – here, the decision lies with the customer whether the next location should be a South African beach, the romantic corners of Paris or endless desert panoramas.

The photography takes place as usual in the photo studio. The model is positioned on the set in the virtual world on-the-fly via real-time free movement. The camera interacts seamlessly with the virtual world: If the photographer changes position, for example, the perspective of the virtual world changes as well. This allows the photographer and model to carry out their work as if they were on location.

To be able to realize this technological solution, the room is tracked, the camera position is recorded and with this data the virtual world is adjusted in real time and in an automated way. In the Virtual Studio, any world can be built in as a background. There are no limits to the imagination here – from the beach, to futuristic architecture, to fantasy worlds all worlds can be realized.

Advantages of Virtual Studio:

  • Cost reduction due to the elimination of photo trips
  • Innovation and flexibility in conception and design
  • Location can be reused at any time “at the push of a button”
  • Shoot new collection on location despite Corona
  • Direct usability without upstream digitization pressure on the customer side
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