Major mail order companies are increasingly turning to Virtual Studio as an innovative alternative to location shoots.

The Challenge

All companies are faced with the challenge of combining rapidly changing trends, short seasonal cycles, the best possible time-to-market, cost efficiency and the best possible presence in the marketing channels.

These market requirements are significantly intensified in the current situation: In order to emotionally stage the new products and collections, location shoots are usually carried out. This is currently no longer possible, but the demands and market requirements remain and continue to intensify. Innovative solutions such as our Virtual Studio are therefore required.


Online retailer

Customer with

Meyle+Müller and [zerone]

Customer requirements
  • High-quality staged image content
  • Innovative and location-independent solutions
  • Short time to market
  • High flexibility

The Solution

Virtual Studio seamlessly connects the real and virtual worlds! Real models and products are shot live in the studio in virtual CGI worlds!

For this purpose, the models and the products to be photographed are cropped in real time during the studio shoot and positioned in the virtual world. The real and virtual worlds are linked by transferring the position of the real camera in real time to the camera in the virtual world. This seamless connection allows the photographer to move freely around the studio and everyone on set to see the result in real time on the corresponding monitors. Supported by sound effects, wind machines, etc., the immersion is further increased and the entire photo team thus feels at least almost like being on the real location.

Many companies are already using the Virtual Studio from [zerone] and Meyle+Müller to photograph their latest collections. Since the entire collection as well as the models and photographers do not have to travel, the logistical effort is significantly lower. Highest creativity and flexibility is given. The new collections and products can be staged in any desired environment without any travel and with significantly fewer personal contacts.

In an upstream creative process, the location is defined together with the customer and virtually designed in 3D – anything is possible here: shootings in Palm Springs, on the beach, in London, in the rainforest, in the mountains or in any fantasy world.

Once the locations are created, they can be changed and exchanged at the click of a mouse. Multiple use with slight modifications is also possible if desired.

The camera interacts seamlessly with the virtual world during the photo shoot: If the photographer changes position, for example, the perspective of the virtual world changes accordingly in real time – just as if the photo was really being taken on location.

Both photographers and models can carry out their work as usual, but the shoot takes place in the photo studio. In order for the model to be positioned in the virtual world, the camera position is recorded with the help of the tracked room and the data is automatically adjusted accordingly in real time in the virtual world.

The Virtual Studio offers the possibility to shoot in any world – there are no limits to the imagination. Not only real places, but also fantasy worlds can be used.

Advantages of Virtual Studio:

  • Independence of location, no need to travel
  • Independent of season and weather/climate conditions
  • Cost reductions
  • Short time-to-market
  • Reproducibility: uncomplicated shooting possible at any time afterwards
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