The fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG is a well-known German industrial company that operates worldwide in the fields of fastening technology, automotive interiors and construction toys. Based in Waldachtal in the beautiful Black Forest region of Baden-Württemberg, fischerwerke sets standards and has impressively demonstrated how resourceful ideas can turn a Swabian workshop into an internationally active medium-sized company.


fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG

Customer with

Meyle+Müller since 2017

The Challenge

In search of an economical and high-quality solution for product visualization, fischerwerke came into contact with Meyle+Müller. With the challenge of implementing efficient and absolutely detailed image creation for marketing communication. In the process, consistent, high quality is particularly important.

Customer requirements
  • Efficient image production without photography
  • Flexibility in the marketing process
  • Realization of application images without complex set construction
  • Product visualizations before the product is available as a sample

The Solution

It quickly became clear that creating the product visualizations on the basis of CAD design data was the right way to go for this. Especially since 3D data is already available for most products, on the basis of which the image motifs can be created. Where no data is available, these are modeled and thus generated independently.

Advantages of CGI production:

  • CGI enables much more accurate visualization, especially for technical products.
  • Illumination, sharpness, perspective and reflection can be adapted exactly to the requirements.
  • Reproducibility is given at any time.

Since all details, angles and dimensions match the original product, the data is scalable and ideal for use in online media, presentations and animations. The creation of marketing materials can take place even before the product or a sample of the product is available.

In addition to the high quality representations, this image creation technique is very efficient. In a very short time, thousands of detailed motif variants can be created and produced at economical conditions by means of automation.

What is also possible with CGI in the area of key visuals is shown by another example – the fischerwerke truck.

fischerwerke operates the TourTruck for promotional events as a unique, mobile training, exhibition and experience center. Customers such as craftsmen can find out about the latest fastening technologies and product innovations there and also receive training. The TourTruck is in great demand and is permanently on tour. In order to be able to use the TourTruck flexibly and independently of photography also for effective marketing messages, it was created completely in 3D.

For the visualization, the configuration of the real truck was recreated and a 3D model was assembled from different elements. The 3D model was then virtually painted and, like the real-life model, given the fischerwerke-specific branding – the result: a virtual, customer-specific digital twin of the truck that is permanently available to fischerwerke. Promotions, for example, are placed on the available open spaces – a great idea from fischerwerke to convey messages!

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