When it comes to high-quality functional fittings for upholstered furniture, there is no way around stawett. For almost 100 years, the traditional company has been convincing with innovations for the upholstered furniture industry, which relies on quality to convince its end customers. However, the Corona pandemic has pushed stawett’s classic sales channel to its limits, because the way innovative functional fittings work in a piece of furniture could previously only be experienced using a real piece of upholstered furniture. During the peak of the pandemic, it therefore became clear: what was needed was a modern tool that could vividly present functionalities and benefits in context – without any real furniture and thus real fittings.


stawett – Stanzwerk Wetter Sichelschmidt GmbH & Co. KG

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Meyle+Müller since 2020

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Virtual presentation of functional fittings in high-quality furniture.

Stanzwerk Wetter – internationally known under the stawett brand – is a specialist in the realization of innovative functional fittings, for example for television armchairs, folding beds, bedroom and relaxation furniture and more. As a system partner to the upholstered furniture and furniture industry, stawett has been one of the pioneers in the industry for almost 100 years.


With an interactive 3D application, we have made it possible for stawett not only to impressively show how – normally invisible – functional fittings in upholstered furniture act and function, but at the same time to enable forms of presentation that, for technical reasons, would always remain hidden without a 3D application, even though they are of essential importance to the target customer.

We were able to make the full functionality of different products digitally experienceable and at the same time contribute to the fact that presentation forms can be represented in different ways.

With this interactive application, stawett’s sales department was able to maintain its sales activities despite contact and travel restrictions and thus be the usual reliable partner for its customers. In addition, with this innovative product presentation, stawett was able to further expand its image as a development and manufacturing partner for future-oriented and durable hardware technologies.

In addition to the technical solution possibilities, a comprehensive understanding of the products and their special features as well as the sales processes was essential for the quick success of the project. Thanks to the great, uncomplicated and cooperative collaboration with stawett, this was conveyed to the project team in no time.

Ultimately, the new innovative application made it possible to present more product variants than are usually available to the sales department. Even models that are still in the development stage can now be presented to customers.

Our collaboration has taken us to a whole new level in sales during a difficult period, ensuring that we will continue to be successful during the Corona period.

Christoph KöppingKaufmännischer Leiter / Commercial Director

Let´s take a look at the final results: