We realised an exciting project for our client CALIDA. CALIDA is a Swiss underwear brand that stands for high-quality underwear, loungewear and nightwear. Founded in 1941, the company focuses on sustainability and innovation.

The challenge for CALIDA was to create high-quality e-commerce images of its own products for its online shop. There were several challenges:

  • Physical product samples were not yet available. As CALIDA develops its clothing products digitally using the CLO3D product development and design software, the digital product data was available.
  • The visual product presentation should be based on male and female models that fit into the brand’s existing model portfolio (consistent visual identity).


Customer of Meyle+Müller

since 2013

Customer Needs
  • Creation of high-quality e-commerce product images for your own online shop without physical product samples
  • Adaptation to the brand’s previous visual standards, including male and female models


With our digital workflow solution Fashion Shooter AI, we were able to solve CALIDA’s requirements: using 3D/CGI and AI technologies, Fashion Shooter AI enables the production of high-quality product images without physical product samples. The prerequisite for this completely digital content creation is the availability of digital product data from design/product development, as was the case with CALIDA.

The solution’s innovative approach consists of simulating the clothing in the desired poses and depicting them photorealistically on AI-generated models – creating aesthetic model images. Fashion brands benefit from time-efficient content production directly after product development without the need for physical product samples and on-location shoots.

The digital workflow also offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of content: on the one hand, the 3D products can be easily and variably changed, exchanged and staged for customised visual content. On the other hand, the fashion models can be generated by AI in terms of gender, body type and other characteristics according to the fashion brand’s requirements.

With Fashion Shooter AI, we were able to create impressive e-commerce images for CALIDA that meet the brand’s high standards. The images show photorealistic representations of the products that emphasise the quality of the brand. The virtual approach made it possible to fulfil the specific project requirements while working flexibly and efficiently. The result is high-quality, consistent product images that perfectly complement CALIDA’s online shop and present the brand in a visually appealing way.