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Fashion Shooter


The fashion industry is currently undergoing a radical transformation towards fully digital end-to-end processes. A key factor here is product development in 3D tools. This is the basis for the revolution in content creation in the fashion industry and enables 3D or CGI visualisations.

Through 3D technology, time-to-market can be drastically shortened and independence from physical logistics can be achieved. But not only that: it opens up completely new possibilities for marketing. For example, an infinite number of images can be created in different styles, with several item combinations, different models and backgrounds. Furthermore, the realisation of new types of content in the fashion industry becomes possible – such as showroom content, animations and configurators. Everything leads in the direction of Metaverse!

In order to enable a fast and efficient generation of 3D content, Meyle+Müller has developed the Fashion Shooter. With the Fashion Shooter, high-quality content can be generated efficiently and quickly in numerous variants. Currently, we still rely on an initial model shoot. But until avatars can be used in an economically scalable and emotionally appealing way, not much time will pass!

In this groundbreaking development, there are still many issues to be solved and prerequisites to be created. We will be happy to advise you here with our expertise and our network of top experts in the fashion industry and develop the future together with you!

Are you interested and would like to know more about our innovative development Fashion Shooter? Then please contact Moritz Müller


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