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On Thursday, April 18, 2024, an inspiring web session took place as part of our “TrendFlash” event series. Harriet Esther Muntean, certified photo designer at elyum, our studio for visual content, presented the relevance of emotions in e-commerce imagery.

In the web session, Harriet Esther Muntean emphasized a particularly relevant aspect of visual marketing: the importance of emotions. With her experience and deep understanding of visual content, she demonstrated how emotions can shape e-commerce imagery and influence consumer behavior.

Not only can emotional imagery increase conversion rates, but optimized product presentation offers numerous benefits. Building an emotional connection with customers improves the shopping experience, creates positive associations with the brand and promotes long-term customer loyalty and retention, which ultimately leads to an increase in success.

To conclude her presentation, Harriet discussed current trends in e-commerce imagery. Keeping an eye on trends and changing customer demands is essential to remain competitive.


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