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Efficiency and speed are essential success factors in sustainable marketing processes – in the current times more than ever! Manual process steps and system silos must be dismantled and replaced by clever automation.

For these reasons, we have optimised the processes in cooperation with one of our well-known customers and our long-standing partner DALIM!

The customer uses a central system for its marketing processes incl. MAM function and order tool. The softproof system DALIM ES, which M+M provides for the customer, is also used to efficiently control the production of images and advertising material consistently across several service providers and to coordinate and approve the assets.

Thanks to our optimisation, all data required for asset production, including briefings, references, etc., are now transferred to the Dalim ES after being commissioned in the leading system. There, the required structures are created automatically, the data is entered accordingly and the processes are started. The respective processing status is also kept synchronised between the two systems, which creates transparency about the current productions for all players involved and significantly reduces communication efforts. After the assets have been successfully processed and released via DALIM ES, they are returned to the leading system in a fully data-optimised manner and the status is set accordingly for further use.

In this way, we have almost completely automated a process that was previously highly manual. Jobs are commissioned directly via the customer’s own system – the data transfer is then fully automatic. All service providers involved at home and abroad are fully integrated into this process and the entire value chain up to the final asset is automated.

In our experience, there are still unrealised efficiencies in almost all marketing processes – often driven by an evolved system landscape. Our consulting unit can support you in finding and leveraging potentials!

For optimal efficiency and a significant time saving, we linked these two systems in such a way that the previous manual activities could be completely automated. Previously, there was a system break in the transfer of data, etc., which entailed numerous manual data management activities.

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