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Individual image worlds with content on demand


The effect of images on the viewer is proverbial – and not only in movies, social networks or the news media. Especially in advertising and web stores, they are gaining immense importance. Images pick us up in a fraction of a second, BUT: They have to appeal to us, in the best case carry us away – and individually!

Imagine customer A, a sporty, casual person who attaches great importance to his appearance, visiting your online store and being “greeted” by exactly the kind of imagery that picks him up personally and encourages him to buy. Even better: Customer B, who loves everything extravagant, also visits your store, but she sees the products in a completely different ambience that appeals to her. The likelihood of a purchase increases.

And so it goes on: Whether you’re an enthusiastic cyclist or a creative painter, EVERY visitor experiences your web store with a world of images tailored to their individual needs: pure customer experience!

Is that possible? Yes, with an AI-supported personalized staging of web stores through the digitalized generation of product images in real time. “Content on Demand” promotes digital transformation and thereby improves essential e-commerce activities. The performance of the store is increased and sales figures are boosted.

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