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M+M Trendsession “AI-Powered Content – More Efficiency. More Innovation. More success.”

Our M+M trend session “AI-Powered Content – More efficiency. More innovation. More success.” is successfully behind us, and we can look back on a captivating afternoon characterised by fascinating keynotes, stimulating discussions and ground-breaking insights. The high number of visitors showed us how overwhelming the interest in this topic is.

With a varied programme of inspiring presentations and practice-oriented sessions, we offered our guests the opportunity to delve deeper into the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.

Prof Dr Pero Mićić, future manager and founder of the FutureManagementGroup, opened the event with a rousing keynote speech on the social significance of AI. He emphasised the need for people to be excited about the future and highlighted the fact that AI will be the key technology of the coming era. He also outlined the future role of humans, which includes excellence in areas such as emotional intelligence, communication skills, logical thinking and adaptability.

Uwe Rechkemmer, Sales Specialist Omniverse & vGPU @ NVIDIA, explained how AI can optimise work processes and increase productivity and creativity. The use of NVIDIA Omniverse opens up new dimensions of work organisation that previously seemed unattainable.

Ingo Eichel, Sr. Manager, Creative Cloud Ecosystem Development at Adobe, enriched the event with a practical keynote on the use of AI at Adobe. Using concrete examples, he illustrated the current possibilities of AI in applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator and Co. and showed how Adobe Express is already making AI solutions accessible to everyone.

Kai Sternad, Managing Director of Sternad Software from Pforzheim, then explained how generative AI works and presented current developments. He explained why Large Language Models (LLM) are so effective, why the breakthrough is happening right now and what impact this will have, citing ChatGPT as a well-known example of such a language model.

Philipp Bauknecht, CEO of the Pforzheim-based software company medialesson and Microsoft expert, showed how Microsoft’s “Copilot” seamlessly integrates AI into everyday working life and provides a supporting assistant. Whether for creating presentations, analysing data with graphics or solving problems for frontline employees using mixed reality – Microsoft’s AI offers a wide range of applications.

The Q&A discussion provided space for an intensive exchange between speakers, experts and guests.

The M+M Group’s practical sessions provided insights into the concrete benefits of AI. Here, our guests experienced live how AI is already being used in practice today. elyum presented the brand-new “FaceFusion” project, in which AI can be used to give a model different faces, ideal for use in e-commerce. At another live station, [zerone] showed how the integration of AI can take CGI to a new level. And apollon presented the advantages of AI in the PIM and DAM environment.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this inspiring event!


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