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Artificial intelligence is currently transforming daily life in an unprecedented way and is becoming an integral part of the modern business landscape. At our M+M Trend Session in November 2023, future manager Prof. Pero Mićić also emphasized how fast this technology is developing and that it will bring opportunities in many industries and areas of life.

The potential uses of AI for companies are diverse and make it possible to automate routine processes, support strategic decisions based on data and contribute to time- and cost-efficient value creation.
In marketing and product communication, artificial intelligence can be used for visual content creation, among other things: From the acceleration and optimization of creative processes, e.g. through the creation of mood boards, to more efficient image editing processes through the use of selective AI tools (e.g. cropping, cropping, etc.) to the generation of image components and even entire image worlds! An impressive example is FaseFusion: Provide your model image with different AI-generated faces and thus use potential savings and address different target groups.

It is always fascinating to see what output the various AI services can generate when used well and practiced by experts! Of course, not everything is yet possible in perfection, but with the rapid pace of development, new options can be realized all the time! Particularly important for the sensible use of AI is the combination with existing sub-processes in order to achieve the best results and to constantly optimize them further.
Of course, AI is not just limited to 2D or image content; the use of AI has also long since arrived in the video and 3D sector!
These topics excite us because they open up completely new possibilities for our business! Let’s find out together how you too can benefit from this! Benefit from the increased efficiency of your content production through a faster time-to-market with reduced time and costs.


Quick facts about AI Image:

  • The performance fields of AI image applications are developing rapidly and are far from exhausted (better resolution, higher accuracy of AI-generated image results, better reproducibility)

  • Prompting expertise (“AI language”) is considered a decisive success factor for efficient AI image generation, in combination with corresponding technical expertise!

  • AI image tools (image generation, image processing) support the manual workflow and are sometimes perfectly integrated, e.g. with Adobe

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